What Items Can I Put on My Quartz Countertop?

Quartz countertops are incredibly durable. Their heat and stain resistant nature means you can put most anything on them. Quartz is a beautiful, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and will last you years. 

While quartz countertops are among the easiest to maintain, you should still be conscientious about what appliances or items you leave on them long term. Use a trivet when using hot appliances and don’t place hot pans directly on the surface. Proper care and cleaning of your quartz countertops will ensure that they stay beautiful and serve you for years to come.

Can you put a hot pan on quartz?

No, you cannot put a hot pan on quartz. Quartz is heat resistant, but not heatproof. Despite the material’s durable nature, high heat can cause the quartz to discolor or crack. Quartz countertops are not purely made from stone but also resin and pigments, these materials can be burnt if exposed to high temperatures.

Many think that quartz countertops are completely made of stone. Quartz countertops are often real stone combined with resin and other polymers that make the surface susceptible to damage if exposed to temperatures over 150 degrees fahrenheit.

If you are placing a hot pan or pot on your countertop, place it on an oven mitt or trivet under it to protect the vulnerable surface.

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Can you put a coffee maker on a quartz countertop?

Yes, you can place a coffee maker on quartz countertops as long as you take the proper precautions to protect the surface. While most coffee makers do not produce enough heat to damage your countertops, it is still recommended to place silicone trivet under the appliance to prevent any staining or marks from the heat.

Quartz countertops are heat and stain resistant, but this does not mean that they are stain proof. Coffee spills are not usually something to worry about, as long as they are cleaned up immediately. Coffee that sits on an area for an extended period of time may settle into the quartz and create stains that can be a real eyesore on your beautiful countertops.

Clean up any stains quickly and regularly with warm soapy water or a mild glass cleaner to maintain the beauty of quartz countertops. It’s super easy to clean your coffee stains.

Can you put a microwave on a quartz countertop?

Yes, you can put a microwave on your quartz countertops. Microwaves are constructed with safety in mind when it comes to heat. Most microwaves are mounted on “feet” that keep the base of the appliance above the surface you are placing it on. 

You will also want to be cautious in how you install your microwave, ensuring that you do not scrape or scratch your countertop surface.

If you are concerned about possible damage to your countertops, it never hurts to opt for a wall-mounted microwave. Or, you can place your microwave on a trivet. Trivets come in various sizes and styles, meaning you will more than likely be able to find one that fits the style of your kitchen. 

Can you put a toaster oven on a quartz countertop?

No, it is not recommended that you place appliances like a toaster oven on your quartz countertop. The dramatic fluctuations in heat could cause your countertop to crack. Put a trivet or cutting board under your toaster oven while in use to prevent any damage to your beautiful counters. 

The best method is to mount the toaster oven, this way it will make no contact with your worktop.

Can you put an air fryer on a quartz countertop?

You should not place an air fryer on the surface of your quartz countertop. While quartz countertops are heat resistant, they are not heatproof. This means that high temperatures could cause damage to your countertops such as burn marks or cracks. 

Again, a trivet or some type of barrier should be placed in between the appliance and the surface of your countertop to prevent any heat damage.

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